Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aero Garden Update #1

The Aerogarden has been doing well so far. Here are the current totals of what we have harvested.
  • 7.99 g Basil
  • 0.91 g Mint
  • 0.81 g Thyme
  • 0.44 g Oregano
  • 3.80 g Dill
Totaling 13.95 g

We've used over 10.21 KWH of electricity. This is measured using a KillaWatt meter purchased from NewEgg.com.

The basil really grew fast and we've actually had to prune it back three times now in order to let everything else catch up to it. At this point the basil and dill seem to be doing the best. The mint has really started to take grow now. Looking under the hood it has a pretty significant root system. The oregano is probably the slowest growing of the bunch. Maybe everything will start growing better now that it has all been pruned back a little bit.

One improvement that I would really like to make to the system is to put a little fan somewhere to help them grow stronger. I think that this would also help some of the lower vegetation to get some more light and promote stronger healthier plants.

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