Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life is full of change.

Unfortunately if you have been following the different greehouses that I have built they have been put on hold until I have a place that has room for building a new one since I left my old one at my old house. I've taken a new teaching position in Alaska and am currently renting an am unable to build a green house.

After much debate I finally purchased an AeroGarden Elite 6. It was at Costco and the price seamed reasonable since it was the same as the online price without shipping or tax. I figured that it would be a good stepping stone into either AeroGardens or the world of hydroponics. I also purchased a "Kill a Watt" by P3 from NewEgg.com. I'm using this in my classroom to do a study to see how economical they are. We will be keeping an eye on all of the expenses involved.

We started the AeroGarden last week and exactly one week after it was planted everything in the herb kit has sprouted except for the chives. The first basil seed sprouted in only two days. The dill is comming along a little more slowely but it really shot up over the weekend.

It will be interesting to see how it does through the long winter nights here, espesially since I planted it before the longest night.

More later about the cost analysis.